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Stara Šljivovica – Badel (Old Plum Brandy) 1 L

23.70 VAT excluded
Famous Brandy made by distillation of plums, 1L

Antique Pelinkovac – Badel 0.7 L

23.50 VAT excluded
Premium herbal liqueur dominated by wormwood, an aromatic herb that is distinguished by its bitter aroma.

Zlatan Plavac Wine 1,5 L – Zlatan Otok

66.10 VAT excluded
The top dry red wine is made from the tried grape of the blueberry variety from the south of Hvar. *Product may be shipped in two 0.7L or in a single 1.5L bottle!

Double knitted scarf Croatia – CroSportVez

17.50 VAT excluded
Two-sided knitted shawl 'Croatia' is made of 100% Polyacrylic Fiber.

Chocolino 1 Kg – Podravka

11.00 VAT excluded
Wheat porridge with chocolate flavoring. Source of 7 Vitamins (B1, B2, B6, C, E, Niacin and Folic Acid) • Protein Source • Milk Preparation • No Cooking

Plum Jam 2,64 Kg (4 x 0.66kg) – Podravka

25.00 VAT excluded
Proudly bearing the label "Originally Croatian", Podravka's plum jam is made in the traditional way, with a large proportion of plums and a minimum amount of sugar. It does not contain preservatives, artificial colors and sweeteners, and is a natural and delicious choice for every family table.

Original Šestine umbrella – Cerovečki

147.00 VAT excluded
A strong, premium quality, wind-resistant umbrella made from a 80 % cotton, 20 % polyester canopy. The handle and shaft are made from one continuous piece of wood, manually processed and bent. The specific kind of runner makes this umbrella unique. Premium quality rustproof metal ribs, black lacquered, 61 cm in length.

Vegeta 1 Kg – Podravka

9.90 VAT excluded
Unique blend of spices enriched with several types of dried vegetables.

Griotte 1 Kg (1024 g) – Kraš

28.90 VAT excluded
Delicious mediterranean cherry with fine alcoholic filling, wrapped in recognizable dark chocolate.

Croatian footbal team jersey – CSV

25.00 VAT excluded
The football jersey is made of 100% polyester fiber with an upright Croatian coat of arms on the front with the name and number of player on the back