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Domaćica biscuits 1,2 kg (4 x 300g boxes) – Kraš

11.50 VAT excluded
Famous croatian biscuits with chocolate topping.

Cokolesnik 800g – Podravka

10.50 VAT excluded
Hazelnut and chocolate instant cereal flakes/porridge.

Extra virgin olive oil 1L – Zvijezda

16.50 VAT excluded
Traditionally made extra virgin olive oil 1L

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Cedevita instant drink

11.50 VAT excluded
A popular Croatian flavoured multivitamin instant drink. Mix it with water and enjoy.

Pelinkovac Gorki (Bitter) – Badel, 1L

23.50 VAT excluded
Premium herbal liqueur dominated by wormwood, an aromatic herb that is distinguished by its bitter aroma.

Bajadera 900 g – Kraš

33.70 VAT excluded
Popular praline made of mix of chocolate, almond and  hazelnut cream.

Chocolino Hazelnut 1 Kg – Podravka

11.00 VAT excluded
Wheat porridge with chocolate and hazelnut flavoring. Source of 7 Vitamins (B1, B2, B6, C, E, Niacin and Folic Acid) • Protein Source • Milk Preparation • No Cooking

Williams – Maraska (Pear Brandy) 0.7 L

23.70 VAT excluded
Famous Brandy made by distillation of pears.

Orahovac – Badel (Walnut Brandy) 1 L

21.50 VAT excluded
Bitter-sweet liqueur with nutty aroma, made from walnuts.

Korlat Honey Brandy With Propolis 0.5 L

26.10 VAT excluded
Honey based Liquor, made from three types of honey and with added propolis.