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Lino Lada Duo 2.5 Kg, bucket – Podravka

23.50 VAT excluded
Chocolate, hazelnut and milk spread 2,5 Kg, plastic bucket packaging. Gluten and preservatives free.

Lino Lada Duo 700g – Podravka

10.50 VAT excluded
Chocolate, hazelnut and milk spread, 750g. Gluten and preservatives free.

Cokolesnik 800g – Podravka

10.50 VAT excluded
Hazelnut and chocolate instant cereal flakes/porridge.

Plum Jam 2,64 Kg (4 x 0.66kg) – Podravka

25.00 VAT excluded
Proudly bearing the label "Originally Croatian", Podravka's plum jam is made in the traditional way, with a large proportion of plums and a minimum amount of sugar. It does not contain preservatives, artificial colors and sweeteners, and is a natural and delicious choice for every family table.

Vegeta 1 Kg – Podravka

9.90 VAT excluded
Unique blend of spices enriched with several types of dried vegetables.