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Pelinkovac Orange – Badel, 1L

23.50 VAT excluded
A combination of already well-known fragrant Mediterranean herbs and the sweet, fine taste of bitter orange, 1L

Williams – Badel (Pear Brandy) 0.7 L

27.50 VAT excluded
Famous Brandy made by distillation of pears, 0.7 L

Lino Lada Duo 2.5 Kg, bucket – Podravka

23.50 VAT excluded
Chocolate, hazelnut and milk spread 2,5 Kg, plastic bucket packaging. Gluten and preservatives free.

Croatian Old Premium Selection Šljivovica – Badel (Plum Brandy) 1 L

29.50 VAT excluded
Famous Croatian plum brandy made by distillation of selected plums, 1L

Vrabasco Hot Sauces – Volim Ljuto – Gift Package

29.50 VAT excluded
Content: Vrabasco Mild hot sauce 100ml spiciness 1/5 Vrabasco Original hot sauce 100ml spiciness 2/5 Vrabasco Smoked hot sauce 100ml spiciness 2/5 Vrabasco Strong hot sauce 100ml spiciness 3/5

Vrabasco Hot Sauces – Volim Ljuto

27.5029.50 VAT excluded
Fermented hot sauce, 500ml - click on individual product link below to see the details of each one!

Orahovac Chocolate – Maraska (Wallnut Brandy) 1L

21.50 VAT excluded
Chocolate flavored wallnut brandy 1L

Medica – Badel (Honey Brandy) 1 L

21.50 VAT excluded
Liquer produced from black locust and chestnut honey.

Dorina milk chocolate 1 kg (4 x 250g) – Kraš

13.50 VAT excluded
Kraš - Dorina, 4 x 250g milk chocolate bars.

Napolitanke (Wafers) Choco 1,5 kg (3 x 500g boxes) – Kraš

16.30 VAT excluded
Crispy waffle containing 47% of the most delicious chocolate cream and topped with 35% of high-quality chocolate.