Selected Croatian food and drinks known arround the world.

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Lino Lada Duo 2.5 Kg, bucket – Podravka

23.50 VAT excluded
Chocolate, hazelnut and milk spread 2,5 Kg, plastic bucket packaging. Gluten and preservatives free.

Vrabasco Hot Sauces – Volim Ljuto – Gift Package

29.50 VAT excluded
Content: Vrabasco Mild hot sauce 100ml spiciness 1/5 Vrabasco Original hot sauce 100ml spiciness 2/5 Vrabasco Smoked hot sauce 100ml spiciness 2/5 Vrabasco Strong hot sauce 100ml spiciness 3/5

Vrabasco Hot Sauces – Volim Ljuto

27.5029.50 VAT excluded
Fermented hot sauce, 500ml - click on individual product link below to see the details of each one!

Dorina milk chocolate 1 kg (4 x 250g) – Kraš

13.50 VAT excluded
Kraš - Dorina, 4 x 250g milk chocolate bars.

Napolitanke (Wafers) Choco 1,5 kg (3 x 500g boxes) – Kraš

16.30 VAT excluded
Crispy waffle containing 47% of the most delicious chocolate cream and topped with 35% of high-quality chocolate.

Lino Lada Duo 700g – Podravka

10.50 VAT excluded
Chocolate, hazelnut and milk spread, 750g. Gluten and preservatives free.

Croatian beekeepers honey, 900g – PIP

17.00 VAT excluded
The original quality of Croatian beekeepers’ honey is prescribed by traceability procedures from the hive to the table. You can use the rich flavors of honey as a spread for a sweet breakfast, for preparing meals and desserts or as an addition to tea.

Domaćica biscuits 1,2 kg (4 x 300g boxes) – Kraš

11.50 VAT excluded
Famous croatian biscuits with chocolate topping.

Cokolesnik 800g – Podravka

10.50 VAT excluded
Hazelnut and chocolate instant cereal flakes/porridge.

Extra virgin olive oil 1L – Zvijezda

16.50 VAT excluded
Traditionally made extra virgin olive oil 1L