Who are you? / What is the Croatian Shop?

The Croatian Shop® is a small business web shop based in the City of Zagreb, Croatia. Our vision is to provide people – wherever they may be – a convenient way to get access to various quality products made in the Republic of Croatia. We bring Croatian quality to your doorstep – all you need to do is place an online order.

Where do your products come from?

We source our products either directly from different Croatian manufacturers or Croatian domestic retail stores. Our suppliers vary from small family businesses to larger stores selling on the internal market. In all cases, the goods are inspected before packaging and handing them off to our delivery services.

How is shipping handled and what affects its price?

After acquiring the products for your order from our suppliers we inspect the individual goods for damage and then pack them securely into a box package. When we send the package, you will always receive a tracking number. This will make sure that the shipment does not get lost and also enable you to follow its progress.

Keep in mind that it is usually more economic to make larger orders due to initial shipping costs. Shipping to very distant zones may also adversely affect the shipping price.

I would like to buy certain Croatian products, but they are not listed on your website.

If you would like to buy a certain Croatian product, but it’s not listed on our website, fell free to contact us and request your items directly. We can send you a custom invoice for almost any Croatian product, as long as it can be legally and safely shipped to your address. For example, we can send you other brands of bottled drinks, but we cannot send perishable goods.

What to do if my goods are damaged, or I don’t receive them at all?

Unfortunately, we cannot always predict how certain delivery services will handle your goods in transit once they leave Croatia. To make sure that your goods remain undamaged, we do our best to package them securely. If you receive damaged goods or the quality is not satisfactory, please contact us.

In order to ensure sending transparency you will always receive a tracking number with your order. If the tracking number shows the goods are delivered to your country, but you did not receive them within reasonable time, you should check with your local delivery services. In all cases you can always contact us and we will do our best to run the check for you.